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With +940% holiday orders, SicilyAddict is a revenue-based financing success story

Artknit Studios

Artknit Studios

Maintaining a robust brand positioning and a commitment to their purpose-driven mission while simultaneously scaling a business rapidly presented a significant challenge

Kali Shoes

Kali Shoes

One of the primary challenges they encountered during their Peak Season campaign was the inherent seasonality of the fashion industry.

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This keeps revenue flowing with Viceversa

When the startup’s seed financing was running out, giving them the breathing room they needed at just the right time

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Learn how data fuels growth at Aulab

How marketing insights from Viceversa help her understand Aulab’s audiences, connect with potential students and partners, and optimize marketing budgets

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Comehome focuses on cashflow with Viceversa

Receiving funding from Viceversa provided Comehome with a flexible way to secure working capital as the company continued to expand its geographic coverage from Italy and Spain to other parts of Europe.

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Zakeke's success story: 98% growth thanks to Viceversa's growth capital