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Restworld grows 206% with Viceversa's growth solutions and analytics

Restworld is an innovative startup providing benefits and other useful digital services for workers and businesses in the hospitality, restaurant and catering sector. They help workers find jobs in these sectors with their platform.

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Restworld faced two main challenges. The first was to build a solid inhouse team and then, the most daunting (and ongoing) challenge was to attract staff from the industry and provide them with a simple and intuitive platform for finding an ideal job in the hospitality sector.


Using Viceversa’s capital Restworld made heavy investments in acquiring new customers, opening new sales channels, and increasing advertising budgets. Restworld was invested in working capital and hiring a larger in-house team to manage all the leads their new marketing channels were producing.


As a business that faces the seasonality of restaurants, the busiest time of the year for Restworld is from January to June. They managed continuous and unstoppable growth for 6 months in a row, with a special focus on new customer acquisition and customer reactivation.

For new customers, Restworld built campaigns that evolved with the season. From January to March, the company planned communication for those looking for staff for the summer season, ahead of time. From March onwards, the communication changed to tracking public opinion and challenging the ongoing laments of “you can’t find staff in the restaurant industry”. Restworld also focussed their advertising not only in the main cities where they function, but also on seasonal tourist locations (mainly along the sea and in the mountains).

For old customers, they alternate reactivation email campaigns combined with 1-1 contacts via email and Whatsapp.

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Photo by Pylyp Sukhenko on Unsplash


Despite initial challenges, Restworld has demonstrated strong year-on-year growth. To date, more than 120,000 workers have used their service and more than 1,000 clients have found their staff through the platform.

In their words

Due to the nature of our business, which is very human capital intensive, the main challenge is to constantly optimize the relationship between our team and our business customers. We try not to devote too many working hours per individual client without losing the quality of the service provided. Acquisition, management, and reactivation costs are the 3 main variables of our business, and a deep focus on all 3 simultaneously is necessary to maintain high standards of growth and development.

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