Empower your C-suite

A suite of tools & metrics to test your ideas with the power of AI and implement with the backing of data

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  • Optimize budgets, forecast revenues, and manage cash flow, with tailored solutions
  • Predictive AI for real-time insights and future forecasting with customisable dashboards
  • Seamless integration with diverse financial systems for a unified view
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Get future-ready with a host of AI tools and metrics

Budget Allocator

Identify high performing channels and campaigns to maximise ROAS or ROI

PULSE Budget Allocator
PULSE Artificial Intelligence


AI generated insights based on your data, for precise spending suggestions

Customer Acquisition

Access metrics such as CAC, Churn and Cohort Analysis to understand customer behavior

PULSE Customer Acquisition
PULSE Cashflow management

Cashflow Management

A unified view integrating predictive analytics, unit economics & cash flow data

An ally for finance teams & experts

CFOs, CEOs and especially finance teams are using PULSE to foster collaboration, engage customers, and convince stakeholders when taking strategic decisions

Your data is safe with us

When you connect your marketing and ad accounts to our analytics platform, we use that data to populate the dashboard and calculate marketing KPIs.

Your data is completely encrypted.

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