Keep a finger on the PULSE of your business

Our powerful platform connects your accounts to a dashboard of essential metrics and tools that help you optimize your budgets & revenue based on seasonal trends, historical data, market saturation and more

A 100% automated and customized intelligence suite

No hassle of manual collection, calculation, or coding. Connect right away, and populate PULSE.

A toolbox full of predictive and AI-driven tools

Such as the Budget Allocator that leverages historical and real-time data analysis to empower your marketing and budget decisions

Together… they make PULSE

Get financial, marketing, and cash-flow info that don’t just reveal your future growth but optimize decision-making

Get predictions

PULSE helps you:

  • Uncover: Identify your strengths and diagnose problem areas with AI
  • Understand: Use predictive analysis and forecasts to keep track of spend
  • Optimize: Amplify business health with strategic spending guidance

Your data is safe with us

When you connect your marketing and ad accounts to our analytics platform, we use that data to populate the dashboard and calculate marketing KPIs.

Your data is completely encrypted.

Get early access to PULSE today

Join the waitlist for our predictive analytics solution. You will also receive an update once our platform is live for all.