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Flexible capital

Why revenue-based financing?

Get flexible capital tailored to your business, financial and timeline needs. Repay only a percentage of your future revenues.

Get funding for your business

Get flexible growth capital from €10k to €5mln for your digital business in three days

  • Access capital for your marketing activities

    Non-dilutive, guarantee-free funds to plan and manage your marketing spend on your own terms.

  • Grow your inventory and diversify your catalog

    No more constraints due to working capital. Revenue-based financing lets you grow sustainably.

  • Offer free shipping to your online customers

    Make online buying experiences frictionless and reduce cart abandonment with revenue-based financing.

To be eligible for funding, you need…

  • More than 6 months of online sales
  • Monthly revenues equal to/above 10,000€
  • Online marketing budget above 10,000€
  • An online model such as SaaS, Subscription, Ecommerce, Mobile App or D2C

How does the funding process works ?

Viceversa prides itself on being completely transparent in helping you access capital. Our internal algorithm adapts offers based on your business needs and historical data.

Register and connect your accounts

Register on the Viceversa growth platform and securely connect your business and accounts. Find out if you’re eligible for funding right away.

Accept your tailored offer

Receive your funding offers within 3 days. Choose one that suits your business the best. Access funds on your virtual card as soon as you sign the contract.

Boost your growth

Invest in marketing campaigns, inventory, or offer free shipping. Use our data-driven analytics platform to make better (no, the best) decisions.

Pay as you grow

Pay a small percentage of revenues, with no hidden fees or due dates. We’re a partner in your good times and bad.

Get Funded

Viceversa’s virtual card eases payments

Get the most out of your digital marketing budget with a card that offers complete oversight and easy access to your approved growth capital, with the trusted security of Stripe.

  • Simple, no cost & automatic
  • Streamlined expense management
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased security
  • Improved cash flow
  • Complete control

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, email us at [email protected]

  • How long does it take to get funding from Viceversa?

    The entire funding process (application, offer, negotiation, approval, marketing investments) can be completed in as little as 3 days. Large advances and applications requiring special evaluations or analyses may take longer. Capital is available as soon as you sign the contract.

  • How are the funding offers generated?

    Funding offers are generated based on your financial, business, and marketing track record. In order to verify your business and generate an offer, we need to assess your business performance. So we’ll ask you to connect your business’ existing sales and marketing platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook, or GoogleAds. We’ll also ask you for some company-related documents like the last few financial statements.

  • Why does Viceversa need access to my platforms?

    When you connect your bank and ad accounts to our platform, we use that information to provide you with the best possible funding offer, forecast and investment advice. We are aware of the importance of keeping your information completely confidential and secure. We only use data to make our investment decisions and never sell your data to third parties.

  • Who can apply for Viceversa’s revenue-based financing?

    Any European incorporated company with at least six months of trading history in the e-commerce, SaaS, marketplace, apps & games, or online subscription-based businesses can apply for Viceversa.

      You would also need:
    • Monthly revenues equal to/above 10,000 EUR
    • Marketing budget above 10,000 EUR
    However, our Analytics Platform is free to use for all businesses.

Your data is safe with us

When you connect your bank and ad accounts to our platform, we use that information to provide you with the best possible funding offer, forecast and investment advice.

Your data is completely anonymized and encrypted.

Viceversa Impact

We are proud to share stories of our open network of entrepreneurs who have used Viceversa’s funding to grow their digital businesses.

Not ready to get funded yet? Use our data-driven insights free of cost instead

Get powerful metrics to understand your business better with our internally developed growth analytics platform. Automate your data collection and make better decisions..

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