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Get from €10k to €1mln for your marketing activities in three days

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Viceversa connects directly to companies accounts to receive the data required to make investment management and decisions. No stress


Approval valuations are done in up to three days. Companies receive funds in maximum two weeks after analyses are completed. It is all very fast


Revenue share model means investments are repaid as a percentage of sales generated. Good and hard times are shared

About Us

Who is Viceversa

Viceversa envisions a new way of funding based on transparency and technology to support companies in a sustainable and ethical growth


Change the way how companies financially boost their growth


Revamp the European investment landscape enabling growing companies to have access to non-dilutive and guarantee-free capital options

About Us

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Investment targets

Digital companies willing to grow

We’re open to a wide range of online business

6+ Months of operations

Proven track record of growth, sales and financial statements

€10k+ Monthly revenue

Selling at least €10,000 per month

Alignement of interests

At the speed of your growth

We experienced the burden of having due dates and shareholders pushing for returns. That’s why we decided to reinvent finance for growth.

Viceversa is a new way to sustain companies… at the speed of their growth.

We celebrate success together but we share the struggle as well.

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Investing in growth is not an option!

Revenue Sharing is what you need to push your company to new heights. A solution tailored for your business, built on real business data.

Don’t use a bazooka to kill a mosquito! Equity may not be the best option to grow your sales.

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Technology at the core

Integration and connection

On the way to building a fully automated process leveraging data and technology. Fast, reliable and safe.

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