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Viceversa-HiPay empower 5000 businesses with financing & payment tech


Almost 5000 businesses can now leverage revenue-based financing and innovative payment solutions to optimize operations and drive growth.

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HiPay is a global payment service provider processing over €8.4B in transactions each year in more than 85 countries and with over 150 currencies. By harnessing the power of payment data analytics, they help clients grow their businesses by giving them valuable customer insights.

This global payment solutions provider is listed on Euronext; and specializes in offering innovative, secure, and flexible payment processing services to enterprise businesses. Their mission is to help businesses optimize their payment strategies, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth through cutting-edge technology and comprehensive support.

Hi Pay Paola Trecarichi

HiPay provides tailored payment solutions on a global scale

HiPay serves a diverse and dynamic portfolio of clients across various industries and geographies. Their clients range from medium to large enterprises, all of whom benefit from tailored payment solutions and now, alternative financing, provided by Viceversa. Operating on a global scale, they support a wide variety of local payment methods to cater to customer preferences in varied geographies. Almost 5000 businesses can now leverage revenue-based financing and innovative payment solutions to optimize operations and drive growth.

More about the Viceversa-HiPay partnership

Choosing Viceversa as a partner is a strategic decision that enhances HiPay’s value proposition and benefits our clients, according to Paola Trecarichi, General Manager at HiPay, Italy. Here’s why this is a winning combination:

  • Complementary Strengths: Viceversa’s flexible financing solutions complement HiPay’s advanced payment processing, offering a comprehensive suite of financial services
  • Enhanced Value Proposition: Clients gain access to growth capital, enabling quicker and more efficient growth investments. This capital can be strategically allocated to marketing and sales initiatives, allowing businesses to optimize their return on investment (ROI) through targeted campaigns and advanced sales strategies.
  • Innovative Solutions: Both companies are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge, customer-centric fintech solutions aimed at digitalizing the business ecosystem.
  • Broader Reach: This partnership allows HiPay to support a wider range of financial needs, making it a one-stop solution for payment processing and financial support.

By combining HiPay’s robust payment solutions with Viceversa’s innovative financing options, customers benefit from a powerful combination that drives growth and delivers value.

Partnering with Viceversa is extremely valuable for us, as we share advanced and customer-centric solutions that help businesses stay competitive. Together, we empower businesses through cutting-edge financial technology and insightful, data-driven decisions. With a shared commitment to innovation and a vision for the future, we stand alongside thousands of companies worldwide, driving success and growth.

Paola Trecarichi

An insider tip for digital businesses?

As a business that is helping customers make payment flows better and invest in customer growth, growth capital can be crucial for creating awareness about new technologies.

Your brand has grown, and you want to expand it further, it’s time to invest in your customer base. If you’ve already optimized the payment section, an investment in digital marketing with growth capital will help you achieve higher conversion rates and increase customer loyalty, leading to greater success.

Paola Trecarichi

And lastly, what’s next for them…

HiPay is committed to staying ahead of industry trends and continuously innovating their services to meet the evolving needs of their clients. By providing reliable, secure, and efficient payment solutions, they aim to help businesses thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Boost your growth differently with Viceversa and HiPay.

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