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Viceversa-Qapla helps eCommerces boost their after-sales strategy


Qapla’ is a platform that simplifies and speeds up eCommerce shipment management, saving your customer-care time and improving your customers’...

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Qapla’ is a platform that simplifies and speeds up eCommerce shipment management, saving your customer-care time and improving your customers’ delivery experience. With Qapla’ you can generate labels in just 3 clicks, monitor all the shipments from a single panel, and provide accurate and real-time information to your customers through customized tracking messages.

Qapla’ was born in 2014. Roberto Fumarola and Luca Cassia had supported eCommerce as consultants for a long time before they decided to find a solution to a frequent request from vendors: How can we automate the whole shipment tracking and notification process? So Qapla’ was launched. Since then, the team has continued to grow, but the mission is still the same: Improving the experience of those who travel with them daily and discovering new ways to boost sales.


Qapla’ identifies and solves problems in the after-sales universe

More than 1000 e-commerce companies have chosen Qapla’ from various industries. Their clients can integrate all the main carriers operating internationally in a very short time. The post-shipment management is one of the phases that worries both parcel senders and recipients the most. However, it is during this process that an excellent experience can make a difference. The shortest way to customer loyalty comes from here, according to Roberto Fumarola, CEO and co-founder.

How does this Viceversa-Qapla’ partnership work?

Viceversa and Qapla’ have a great goal in common: To give a boost to the eCommerce sector.  Like Viceversa, Qapla’ is a data-driven universe. We analyze and develop projects that improve the customer experience and post-sales flows. We want would be recognized as the best all-in-one platform for post-sales management from label printing to post-shipment marketing strategy.

Roberto Fumarola, CEO & co-founder

An insider tip for digital businesses?

Take advantage of the open rate of transactional emails (about 80% of emails opened) to boost your marketing strategies. Personalize your transactional emails to activate cross-selling and up-selling campaigns and improve your overall post-shipment marketing.

Roberto Fumarola, CEO & co-founder

And lastly, what’s next for them…

In 2023, they have achieved two significant milestones. They are officially ISO 24001 certified, and they have successfully closed a Series A investment round of €5M. They have planned quite a lot of activities in the next months with their partners and are already working on new integrations that make the service more satisfying. After the capital increase, they are structuring and organizing themselves to expand in new countries and expedite the internationalization process of our service

Boost your growth differently with Viceversa and Qapla.

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