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KPI6 increases ARR by 200% & LTV by 174% using growth capital

Initially conceived as a social listening tool for businesses, the company has adapted to market challenges, becoming the first company in Italy to develop an end-to-end tool for real-time market research, leveraging powerful LLM technology.

  • IndustrySaaS
  • LocationItaly
  • Company Sitekpi6.com
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During their growth phase, KPI6 faced several challenges typical of rapidly expanding companies. One of the main challenges was to consolidate brand awareness both in the Italian market and on an international scale. Expanding abroad requires an effective communication strategy, and Viceversa’s growth platform proved to be a key partner in making this happen by providing ad spend and predictive insights.


With funding from Viceversa, KPI6 was able to overcome the challenges associated with international growth, successfully reaching new markets such as the United States and Spain with a comprehensive advertising strategy. The insights from Viceversa’s predictive analytics platform PULSE was effective and demonstrated its crucial role in supporting KPI6’s business development on a global scale.


KPI6’s global expansion and brand reinvention/business plan strategy is based on several targeted tactics and innovative strategies. Currently, they operate two established lines of business and are starting a third, all designed to further their presence on a global scale.

Their first tactic focuses on direct contact with Italian corporations. This strategy is aimed at establishing strong relationships with Italian companies, allowing them to implement applications of the tool in a variety of areas, ranging from data analysis to market research and forecasting. Key to this tactic is the ability to scale effectively through direct collaborations with companies already entrenched in the Italian economic fabric.

KPI6 Viceversa
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

In parallel, KPI6 has implemented a strategy based on local partnerships. Working with local partners in key markets such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain has allowed them to become rooted in these markets. And simultaneously, they have tailored their offerings to the specific needs of each market. This tactic has provided them with a more personalized approach geared to local needs.

Finally, they are introducing a new line of business based on self-provisioning. This tactic is revolutionary in its intent to democratize access to market research, social listening, and advertising analysis for European SMEs. Enabling SMEs to use their tool through a self-provisioning process is a significant step toward democratizing services traditionally reserved for large companies, promoting accessibility and innovation within business analytics solutions.

Additionally, introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) has contributed greatly to KPI6’s business, leading to significant growth. Generative AI, implemented since its launch, has contributed mainly to their growth, improving operational efficiency and enabling the founders to create more advanced solutions.


Their 3 main KPIs are: ARR (Annual Recurring Revenues), Churn Rate and Gross Margin. In 2023, they exceeded their targets by almost 2X for these KPIs from the previous year by implementing a comprehensive strategy with Viceversa’s growth capital and newly launched predictive analytics platform, PULSE.

In their words

In the SaaS industry, we face significant challenges, including the need to achieve cost scalability in line with revenue, competition with international players with larger resources, and the need to develop a product that is both simple and effective. We overcome these difficulties through prudent financial management, differentiation based on specialization, and continuous innovation to ensure a product that meets customer needs in an effective and user-friendly manner.

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