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This Unique increased revenues from 121k to 600k with Viceversa

With Ludovico Grassi, Co-founder of This

This Unique is a sustainable startup, that breaks the menstrual taboo by offering fully customized products: 100% certified organic cotton, biodegradable, free from fragrance & synthetic materials, and eco-friendly. Their aim is to fill the gender gap by bringing into the market an eco-friendly & organic menstrual product and normalizing topics for long considered as a taboo.

Ludovico Grassi (co-founder and CMO of This Unique), alongside Lisa Iannello, Vincenzo Mansi, and Alice Carbonara are on a mission to create a recognizable and high-performance brand. They founded their eCommerce to have a platform that gave a new experience of periods while working on creating awareness around the social and cultural stigma of menstruation. They say: “We don’t just sell pads: we want to spread adequate education to bridge the gender gap, promote better health and greater awareness in managing their cycle.”


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This Unique Customers

This Unique distributes an innovative product, hypoallergenic and with a low environmental impact that fits with the needs of Millennials and Gen Z, who have the need to have a more transparent and conscious experience with a product.

Unlocking new marketing potential

Viceversa’s revenue-based and non-dilutive financing supported them in line with their trends and expectations of online revenues. Before the seed round, cash was running out and traditional finance wasn’t supporting them enough. With Viceversa, they increased their runaway and could close a great investment round, having more time in their hands. With Viceversa’s team willing to grow the brand, This Unique grew their revenues from €121K to €600K this year.

Growing a loved brand

The secret for This Unique was to build an effective strategy, and most of all, analyzing and tracking the results as much as they could.

this hero Viceversa

What are some challenges you faced?

Ludovico reveals the secrets behind the growth of This Unique.

How did Viceversa’s RBF help?

Ludovico Grassi got in touch with Viceversa’s team.

Getting the capital needed was the right choice?

Ludovico started the onboarding process through the Viceversa platform. The team of This Unique received growth capital in 3 days, right in line with their needs.

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