Comehome is a startup whose mission is to help people enrich their real-life social connections using digital tools.

Established in 2016, the platform allows users to make new friends who share common interests by hosting or attending house events, outdoor activities, social gatherings, and more.

A “comehome” is an informal get-together where all participants are encouraged to get to know each other and have fun.

Co-founder Federico Santarino acknowledges that raising capital can be tough for entrepreneurs, but he says by closely examining cashflow needs, you can discover smart ways to fund your business.

With marketing a major expense and careful cashflow management a priority, revenue-based financing was an attractive option.

Receiving funding from Viceversa provided Comehome with a flexible way to secure working capital as the company continued to expand its geographic coverage from Italy and Spain to other parts of Europe.

From startup to solid

70k +
New users in six months
Revenue growth YoY

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