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Poleepo grows revenue by 250% with working capital from Viceversa

Poleepo is the all-in-one cloud platform that helps e-commerce manage the entire flow of the multi-channel strategy intelligently.

Revenue Growth YoY
Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
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One of the main challenges Poleepo faced was the need to structure a sales organization that could handle varied prospects (both inbound and outbound) and improve their customer success processes. They wanted a team that could quickly create new and interesting opportunities and conduct sales with the right target prospects for the service.


Poleepo used Viceversa’s working capital to build their new sales team and increase marketing and brand awareness activities. Viceversa’s flexible financing allowed Poleepo to increase and optimize its sales activities, resulting in an average increase of +8% MRR MoM. This, in turn, enabled Poleepo to focus on the creation and development of a new strategic product: Direct integration of Dropshipping suppliers. They also reduced their churn by 72% by introducing new people in their customer success team.

Thus, now it is possible to manage and synchronize the catalog by automating orders to drop shipping suppliers such as Fraschetti, Gruppo Tera, VidaXL,  BigBuy and more.


Poleepo, while simultaneously building the sales team and investing in brand awareness activities, also focused on acquiring new customers. They did this through:

  • Personalized outbound strategy: Poleepo actively identified and profiled potential leads through targeted cold-calling efforts. For prospects with significant potential value, they offer a personalized onboarding assistance, facilitated by this new team of specialized experts, to ensure a smooth transition to Poleepo’s services.
  • Improved inbound strategy: Poleepo leveraged their freemium plan to motivate potential users to sign up and utilize their platform at no cost. This approach allows them to monitor user behavior closely, encouraging them to upgrade by adopting premium features or subscribing to enhance their capability to manage a larger volume of orders monthly.
  • Strong partnership Initiatives: Poleepo has forged strategic alliances across the e-commerce ecosystem to provide prospects and clients with exclusive commercial benefits via marketplace collaborations, complementary SaaS benefits, and affiliate programs.
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Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash


To date (since 2022) Poleepo has served more than 200 e-commerce companies managing and automating their operations with their software, increasing their revenue by +200% in the first year of use. Poleepo has even managed sales peaks of more than 380% without having to change strategy, effort, or flow.

In their words

Engaging in research and development (R&D) activities plays a crucial role in refining Poleepo’s current software, creating innovations, and new added value. This ensures that the company maintains a competitive edge in the market. Investing in customer success helps to maximize the value that customers derive from the platform. It helps build an increase in their satisfaction, increase the likelihood of renewing services, and create opportunities for upselling.

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