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Viceversa supports BricoBravo in its digital growth!

With Alessandro Samá, CEO of BricoBravo


Digital Marketing Manager


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BricoBravo is not only the first e-commerce leader in the Home & Garden industry, but also an example of a responsible brand riding on the wave of digitization to provide a better customer experience.

Founded in 2002, Brico Bravo is a main point of reference for all DIY enthusiasts.

What are the challenges faced by a founder?

12 years ago, as well as 6 years ago, during the growth process, Brico Bravo was facing challenges with great courage: the ambition to embrace digital transformation and to cultivate a digital culture inside the organization.

Unlocking your potential

Everything that could go right, went better. We built something new by bringing digital culture to the DIY market. Obviously, our journey has just begun.

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Getting a fast capital in a sustainable way

BricoBravo – in just 5 months and in only 2 tranches, received 200K in funding from Viceversa, this gave the right boost to the sustainable growth.

It was important to have access to smart capital to spend on advertising.

To what extent do you think Viceversa has impacted your growth?

The journey with BricoBravo began in March 2022. Viceversa’s support has allowed BricoBravo to accelerate the development of the new digital strategic plan.

What advice would you give to your entrepreneurs in e-commerce?

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