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Viceversa chooses Stripe to power its funding strategy

Viceversa virtual card

From now on, Viceversa’s customers will have a virtual payment card, the Viceversa Virtual Card, to manage their advertising budget.

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Press Release

Matteo Masserdotti (Founder and CEO): With the implementation of Stripe we are able to reduce risk and have improved financial management for our portfolio, resulting in more security for our customers and a better user experience for all.

Milan, July 24 2023Viceversa, Europe’s leading fintech platform supporting the growth of digital companies through revenue-based financing (RBF) and advanced analytics tools, has chosen Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, to power its funding strategy and increase its efficiency. From now on, Viceversa’s customers will have a virtual payment card, the Viceversa Virtual Card, to manage their advertising budget. Implementation of the card provides more stability and better oversight for Viceversa’s portfolio. Thus, ensuring current and future portfolio businesses continue to benefit from receiving RBF funds. Viceversa partnered with Stripe’s professional services to integrate the new credit API-based solution which was develped to help fintech companies better manage their portfolios.

The solution speeds up access to funding for  Stripe-connected accounts through their virtual cards. Viceversa chose  to deploy a solution that would help automate the portfolio’s balances and investment deployments. Thanks to the combination of Stripe technology and Viceversa’s funding strategy, this is now available to  every digital company in Europe through Viceversa Virtual Card. 

The product is designed for digital SMEs and eCommerce businesses that need a reliable and convenient way to manage their digital payments, after receiving Viceversa’s growth capital, while simultaneously preventing the misuse of funds. Businesses can now control their revenue-based financing funds,  separate digital marketing and other expenses and use Viceversa as a one-stop solution for funds, digital payments and insights. The Viceversa Virtual Card has no setup fees or hidden costs, and is issued automatically alongside Viceversa’s funding.

The card is issued as soon as a revenue-based financing contract is signed and allows businesses to access Viceversa’s growth capital. It is activated when funds are deployed and ready to be used, and allows businesses to increase payment security, because it can be canceled and reissued easily. In addition, the card simplifies cash flow, because all invoices and data are in the same place, reducing errors and inefficiencies for employees, marketing, and finance teams.

We find this new Credit API-based solution to perfectly match our expectations of security, risk management and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the Viceversa Virtual Card, companies can make the most of the budget allocated, while maintaining control over their spending. In addition, our virtual card will result in an improvement of the overall health of the Viceversa portfolio, ensuring funds are appropriated in the right way and payment-related issues are mitigated – thanks to Stripe’s proven technology.

Matteo Masserdotti, Founder and CEO of Viceversa

About Viceversa

Launched in November 2021, Viceversa is a leading European fintech company that aims to become the financial and operational partner for the next generation of digital businesses. It has developed a powerful growth platform that helps businesses grow in a sustainable way,  with data-driven investments and insights based on their potential. Viceversa provides capital ranging from €10K to €5M to be used for digital marketing, shipping and inventory needs. They also provide businesses with an analytics dashboard that allows them to collect, visualize and analyze insights on business performance, helping them  make better decisions.

Viceversa, operates through offices in Milan and Dublin and has reached a total portfolio value of more than €25M. They have clients from six different countries (Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, and the UK), which have recorded a growth rate of more than 200%. Their current team of 35 is an international group with diverse experiences gained from global companies. In May 2023, Viceversa announced the closing of  a €10M Series A financing round led by CDP Venture Capital. This new fundraising follows the seed round closed in late 2021, led by Fasanara Capital. The company’s total funding now amounts to €33M, in equity and debt financing. In March 2023, Viceversa received the Innovation of the Year award as part of the Fintech Awards 2023.

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