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We are happy to announce our € 23 M Seed Round!

Viceversa’s growth after just 5 months: 9M in total portfolio value and 16 new employees hired

About the Round The combined financing round of equity and debt see the participation of investors such as the UK-based...

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About the Round

The combined financing round of equity and debt see the participation of investors such as the UK-based Fasanara Capital and the italian open banking leader Fabrick (Group Sella Bank) along with business angels from the financial and digital sectors like Roberto Ferrari, Enrico Giacomelli and Enrico Pandian among others, who are joining Digital Magics as an early investor.

What is Viceversa?

Viceversa envisions a new way of funding based on transparency and technology to support companies in a sustainable and ethical growth.

Our ambition is to change the way how companies financially boost their growth, revamping the European investment landscape by enabling growing companies to access to non-dilutive and guarantee-free capital options.

Why Viceversa?

Our believe is that the technology is mature to open opportunities that are still unlocked, especially in the way we interact with companies and the way we take investments’ decisions. Such opportunities reside in the usage of multiple data sets in order to assess companies in a different way.

Viceversa invests between € 10K to € 1M in digital companies that show clear signs of growth. In order to identify this growth, we ask companies to connect different data sources to our platform, in order to evaluate them and understand if Viceversa is able to give them a good funding opportunity.

The solution is simple and Viceversa is committed to get their clients an offer in just three days. Once the capital is made available companies wisely spend it in digital marketing and Viceversa get paid back with a percentage of their revenues, until the investment multiple is fully repaid.

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Who we are?

Viceversa born from the lessons learned by its founders in startup financing. Matteo Masserdotti, our CEO, previously launched one of the leading Italian equity crowdfunding platforms and gained great knowledge on the field. Pedro Salvi, our CFO, worked in VC and investment banking for years. Pietro Pogliani and Patrick David worked with many startups from different perspectives.

We experienced the pains founders have in looking for funding. And we want to bring a non-dilutive, no-brainer funding solution, especially designed for businesses with predictable revenues.

What are the future plans?

Thanks to the funding raised the company is looking to expand its portfolio from 1M to 20M in the next 12 months.

In addition Viceversa is strategically looking to establish partnerships with Marketing Agencies, VC funds and eCommerce players that share the same vision of: funding growth, differently.

Matteo Masserdotti, CEO & co-founder: Revenue Based Financing is a very young, yet booming, industry that has an incredible potential to solve a lot of problems that companies and investors face. Data-driven decisions, fast and flexible funding and especially the alignment of interest are the most appreciated features. Thanks to this round, and our investors’ experience, we are growing our portfolio and building an exciting pipeline of new products, to extend this opportunity to as many businesses as possible.

What do our investors say about us?

Francesco Filia, CEO at Fasanara: Revenue Based Financing is a great product, tailored for the specific needs of a wide range of small businesses. We are excited to support the Viceversa team in introducing it to the Italian market and to help them improve the funding options to the startup ecosystem

Maria Imbesi, Portfolio Manager at Digital Magics: We are extremely proud of the progress our portfolio company has made in such a short time frame. Working together with the company from inception, we believe in the great potential it has in the market and have worked closely with the company in order to complete this round of financing and look forward to continuing to partner with them as they grow

Alberto Mussinatto, Head of Platform Business Development at Fabrick: We are very happy to partner with Viceversa in its mission of enabling companies to grow by giving access to new funding options. As Fabrick, we strongly believe in unlocking companies’ growth by leveraging the open finance applications, seeing a huge potential in the revenue-based finance market. The rationale of our commitment is we trust our ecosystem and technology will amplify new opportunities to the company, that’s why we are supporting the team on its growth journey.

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