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Dog Heroes uses revenue-based financing to provide healthy doggy meals

With Pierluigi Consolandi, CEO of Dog Heroes

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Dog Heroes launched in November 2019 to disrupt the way people feed their pets, offering freshly prepared healthy meals to help them lead longer and happier lives. They offer the perfect proposition to pet parents who believe healthy eating is the best form of preventive healthcare for their dogs. Let’s look at how revenue-based financing for Dog Heroes helped it grow exponentially 


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The problem

Marketing investments are a crucial part of Dog Heroes’ growth path. Especially, since they are bringing to the Italian market a radically innovative product and business model (subscription-based). They believe that majority of pet parents are still not aware of the possibility to give their dogs home-cooked meals. This brought about the challenge for Dog Heroes to build awareness and trust toward their brand. They are looking to reach out to customers who are mainly women, between the age of 30-55.

The solution: revenue-based financing for Dog Heroes

One way to tackle the problem was through Viceversa’s revenue-based financing for Dog Heroes. They received a funding of 200k€ over 12 months.

dog heroes hero Viceversa

Dog Heroes’ marketing vision

Their goal is to offer a “frictionless” pet food service. In 2023, they want to launch a new line of healthy meals, and they will enter the B&M retail channel (pet stores). Their marketing efforts will be focused on engaging and educating customers about all the exciting initiatives they are rolling out.

Dog Heroes X Viceversa: Where is it going?

Being able to raise capital from different stakeholders/partners is crucial for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. And, this is especially hard during this challenging period. Every entrepreneur needs to find the right balance between equity and debt, depending on the development stage of the company and the short-term sustainability of the business.

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