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Revenue-based financing for Comehome brings 70k+ new users in 6 months

Revenue-based financing for Comehome brings 70k+ new users in 6 months

Comehome is the easiest way to meet new people and have authentic experiences in your city. A community-based event marketplace,...

Kasturi Roy

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Comehome is the easiest way to meet new people and have authentic experiences in your city. A community-based event marketplace, this is where users can host or participate in events at home, outdoors, or in popular bars around you. Comehome allows you to participate in more than 1500 events monthly, organized by Comehome hosts in Italy and Spain. Revenue-based financing for Comehome allowed them to grow faster and in a more sustainable way.

Comehome came recommended from our partner ONDA:

Because Viceversa is an innovative model that could support innovative business revenue for Comehome



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The problem

Comehome is a digital platform that allows its users to organize and participate in any type of experience in real life. An easy way to meet new like-minded people to share authentic experiences. They had a dire need to boost their customer acquisition by investing in digital advertising. 

They currently have a favorable ratio CAC: LTV and a recovery period of approximately 20 months. Revenue-based financing for Comehome allowed them to increase their spending capacity. They are also sustaining their growth and repaying the capital on an ongoing basis, based on the revenues generated by our customers.

The solution: Revenue-based financing for Comehome

Viceversa gave us the possibility to access fresh capital to invest in our growth. Thanks to Viceversa’s growth capital we were able to acquire more than 70k new users in the last months. We also maintained our growth trend with the right channel mix (paid/organic). 

Michele Cesario, Founder & CEO
ComeHome KPIs 1 Viceversa

Viceversa’s revenue-based financing allowed Comehome to pursue its goals by scaling its advertising campaigns, and at the same time ensuring its return on investments with a data-driven approach.

Comehome’s marketing vision

Comehomers are open-minded and life lovers.  In a world that is always more hyper-connected, people need to find space to connect in meaningful relationships. 60% of their customer base is women and the majority are millennials and from the X generation based in big cities.

Comehome is ready to face new challenges in 2023, and international expansion and the introduction of memberships are on the cards. Their goal is to offer more value to the community and at the same time reduce the time to recover their investment when acquiring new customers. 

Comehome X Viceversa: Where is it going?

We learnt about Viceversa from referral of another company that already used the service. We like the flexibility of the service and the dedicated customer care that is always ready to support us in any step of the process. We plan to continue to use revenue-based financing in our capital mix building a business model always more sustainable and scalable.

Michele Cesario, Founder & CEO

Any tips for young businesses?

Focus on key metrics as CAC:LTV to create a sustainable and scalable business. Have clear in your mind who is your customers and how to reach them effectively. Then show your results and how you can achieve profitability thanks to your business model.

Michele Cesario, Founder & CEO

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