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Kobe Partners now offers revenue-based business funding through Viceversa

Kobe Partners now offers revenue-based business funding through Viceversa

Kobe Partners is a leading advisory boutique specializing in venture finance and business strategy, based in Italy and Buenos Aires. And...

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Kobe Partners is a leading advisory boutique specializing in venture finance and business strategy, based in Italy and Buenos Aires. And we at Viceversa, are proud to partner with Kobe Partners, who want to provide excellent deal-flow to their investors and valuable connections for their clients. And now, with revenue-based business funding, they are ready to give access to new capabilities. Understandably, these are essential to accelerate innovation, acquire new technical expertise and test new business models. 

Fernando Piccirilli, Managing Director at Kobe Partners tells us now they help technology companies in scaling their businesses globally, by using tools and a tailored approach to each project.

About Kobe Partners

Kobe Partners has developed a holistic method to increase the level of investment readiness of early-stage digital companies. They adopt the investor’s perspective to identify the crucial areas of the business and define an action plan. And as advisors, they focus on creating value for clients by offering data-based consulting and a valuable network. They have set up real-time analytics and tools that support decision-making, analyze the return on investment on various acquisition channels, and be more effective in interviews with VCs or business angels.Kobe Partners is trusted by institutional investors, corporates, SMEs, innovative start-up companies, and institutions. And impressively, their portfolio companies have raised €85+mln.

Who is their ideal customer?

Kobe Partners operates on a portfolio of 40+ early-stage tech companies.  They mainly work with European tech clients but also have established deal-flow collaborations with venture capital investors in Israel, Australia, and the Americas. To name a few sectors in which they have developed greater expertise: B2B Enterprise SaaS, PaaS, marketplace, e-commerce, metaverse, mobile apps, transport, space-tech, open-banking, drones, industry 4.0, and food tech.

Revenue-based business funding for Kobe Partners

From the moment we activated the partnership with Viceversa, we immediately received excellent feedback from our clients. The RBF mechanism is particularly suited to the needs of digital entrepreneurs.

Fernando Piccirilli, Managing Director, Kobe Partners

The main benefits of revenue-based business funding:

  • Fast: The fundraising process is often exhausting for founders who risk losing focus on the business. Conversely, Viceversa is very quick to analyze the initiatives customers present and gives feedback within a few days. As a result, founders can receive up to €1.0 M in just 3-5 days.
  • Flexible: Different monthly installments depending on the current company’s performance
  • Add-ons: Credit card to cover paid advertising expenses
  • Non-Invasive: No dilution! It is a hybrid between debt and equity financing

Support for customers through the growth process

The Kobe Partners team is determined to support customers throughout the entire corporate growth process. The challenge, therefore, consists of finding the financial resources necessary to test and validate the product-market fit.

Viceversa has become a valuable partner for us and the selected startups in our portfolio as it is able to provide the budget required to boost online marketing channels. In addition, the team of investment banking specialists is able to provide sophisticated feedback following each interview for revenue-based business funding.

Fernando Piccirilli, Managing Director, Kobe Partners

An insider tip for digital businesses?

Startups should immediately identify a specific set of metrics for their business and monitor progress in achieving their goals. At Kobe, we implement the OKR method (Objective Key Results).

Fernando Piccirilli, Managing Director, Kobe Partners

This is effective in aligning the long-term vision of entrepreneurs with the objectives of each quarter. The system also offers many benefits for remote team management, to facilitate meetings with the different product, marketing, finance, and HR areas.

And lastly, in the works…

At Kobe Partners, our favorite metric is the “degree of trust” from our clients: professional relationships overcome the standard agreements as we started co-founding disruptive companies in Buenos Aires and London with our clients. We are developing internationalization programs by offering our network, logistic, and corporate management support.

Fernando Piccirilli, Managing Director, Kobe Partners

South America is a huge opportunity for Kobe Partners because customer acquisition costs are relatively low and the digital adoption rate is growing rapidly. Furthermore, they are scouting new technologies for multinational companies to bring the most innovative solutions from Europe.

Kobe Partners gives you a major head-start by producing a quality financial forecast and business plan to support your fundraising goals.

Boost your growth differently with Viceversa and Kobe VP.



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