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Zakeke's success story: 98% growth thanks to Viceversa's SaaS funds

With Angelo Colletta, CEO & Founder of Zakeke

  • IndustrySaaSSoftware
  • LocationItaly
  • Company Sitezakeke.com
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It is a cloud-based platform born to empower brands and retailers with visualization. Zakeke is using SaaS funding by Viceversa to grow sustainably.Zakeke is a cloud-based platform born to empower brands and retailers to provide consumers with seamless customization options and product personalization through 2D, 3D, and AR.

Their suite of tools can be integrated into any eCommerce platform or a brand’s backend to build an interactive shopping experience and boost conversion rates and sales thanks to the potential of Visual Commerce. Zakeke believes that virtual shopping and customization shouldn’t just be for eCommerce, but to grow, brick-and-mortar retailers also need to adopt visualization tools to elevate shopping experiences within the physical stores. Zakeke was designed to integrate with both eCommerce platforms and brick-and-mortar retail locations seamlessly.


Founded in 2017, Zakeke has over 7,000 customers globally across over 400 industries looking to engage consumers with an interactive, visually appealing shopping journey. They were looking for SaaS funding that helped them support the increasing marketing expenses necessary to further grow their company. From the beginning, they set out to work with customers spanning multiple industries, and thus provides services to any retailer who wants to provide a better customer shopping experience. They wanted to heavily invest in marketing and Viceversa’s growth capital came into play here.


Zakeke received funding from Viceversa and this was a notable occasion since, this was Viceversa’s first investment in the SaaS sector in EU. Zakeke focussed their investments on achieving new business goals such as continuing global growth, enhancing its demand generation activities, and launching new tools on its platform. They want to continue to work on these goals with their upcoming investments.


Viceversa’s SaaS funding allowed Zakeke to complete all the activities outlined in their marketing plan from last year, increasing investments and achieving a growth rate of about 98%. This enabled Zakeke to set even more challenging goals for the new year, deploying their resources towards activities with a high potential for return on investment (ROI).

In their words

zakeke hero Viceversa

My advice for digital businesses or founders looking to raise capital is to keep an open mind and proactively use all financial tools available in the market such as SaaS funding to drive business growth.

It often happens that founders develop successful business projects but fail to generate significant revenue and have to resort to equity investments. The revenue-based model is a great solution to this problem as it allows founders to grow their business and support marketing expenses with equity-free investments and data-driven insights. – Angelo Coletta

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