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Aulab increases leads by 120% for their web development Hackademy with RBF

Revenue-based financing for Aulab

Aulab has been able to successfully structure a course to become developers in only 3 months with the Hackademy. 

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Aulab is Italy’s first coding factory, active since 2014, in the field of training and software development. And their courses promise anyone wishing to become a professional web developer, the opportunity to acquire the right skills and mindset to face the challenges of a constantly evolving market. Revenue-based financing for Aulab allowed them to boost their business to launch the Hackademy.

According to Aulab, web developers are one of the most sought-after roles by companies. There are over 100,000 open vacancies in the tech field in Italy, but there are not enough-trained candidates to fulfill this demand. Aulab has been able to successfully structure a course to become developers in only 3 months with the Hackademy. 


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The problem

The main need for Aulab was to reach new markets by creating pervasive messages and detecting increasingly specific niches of customers. They believed that capital growth could help them undertake a tailor-made marketing direction. 

Furthermore, they also needed to improve their IT infrastructure, which was pivotal for supporting the growth of their business processes, such as the education platform, CRM, the end-to-end management of their leads and potential customers in their marketing funnel. 

The solution: Revenue-based financing for Aulab

With Viceversa’s revenue-based financing, Aulab was able to allocate the operating cash flow to CapEx on platforms while maintaining steady marketing monthly expenses. This granted them the opportunity to continue on their path of growth and shape their future steps, while they were focused on day-to-day running of the business. This also helped them acquire 120% more leads as compared to last year.

Revenue-based financing for Aulab
Revenue-based financing for Aulab

Aulab’s marketing vision

Aulab’s goal is to increase its presence in terms of awareness and revenue. They want to achieve increasingly ambitious financial goals thanks to a marketing strategy. This strategy allows them to have a wider user base and improve their conversion and acquisition KPIs.

Aulab X Viceversa: Where is it going?

We learned about Viceversa via our investors, who put us in touch with the Fasanara Capital fund (which has an interest in Viceversa). We appreciated the service of Viceversa from the kick-off meeting; understanding how significant their support could be in our scale-up plan based on bold marketing investments.

David Neve, CEO

Any tips for young businesses?

For startup founders, before approaching raising capital, exploit all the potential of the digital world to collect data on the market and on possible customers. 

Then choose an economic partner with a vision similar to yours at least in the early stage phase. It is important to be in the right ecosystem and look for a fund that moves within the same ecosystem.

David Neve, CEO

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