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Exciting Ecommerce Italia 2023 Masterclass with Matteo Masserdotti

Ecommerce Italia 2023 Masterclass with Matteo Masserdotti

Exciting Ecommerce Italia 2023 Masterclass

Kasturi Roy

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Join the official masterclass of Ecommerce Italia 2023 where the CEO of Viceversa will be discussing the New funding for growing eCommerce companies.

In this masterclass, Matteo Masserdotti will identify alternative financial solutions such as Revenue Based Financing, and explain what are the relevant metrics to access funding and how it can adapt to your company’s growth. You can also expect some fascinating case studies that have proved successful in the eCommerce industry.

When: 18 April 2023

Where: Centro Svizzero – Via Palestro 2, Milano

Register now: Get tickets here

Ecommerce Italia 2023 in Milano

The 17th edition of the “Ecommerce Italy” conference will be held on April 18, 2023 in Milan with more than 200 people in the room as well as live streaming. Casaleggio Associati’s research, thanks to the participation of the main companies in the ecommerce landscape in Italy, explores innovations, current trends, the most interesting cases and market evolutions. Topics that will be discussed in this edition will span digital strategies, new business models, marketing and advertising strategies/tools, digital relationships with end customers, evolution of payment systems, and service innovations in logistics and shipping.

Matteo Masserdotti is a passionate entrepreneur interested in the evolution of the financial services industry and wants to create a better and more inclusive economy. Matteo previously founded Two Hundred, an Italian pioneer equity crowdfunding platform. After accumulating experience in the fintech sector he launched Viceversa, a platform that supports digital companies through a fully data-driven approach and revenue-based financing model.

Viceversa is a European fintech leading company that aims to become the financial and operational partner for the next generation of digital businesses. We built a powerful growth platform that boosts businesses at the pace they want with equity-free investments and data-driven insights, to help them make better decisions.

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