Who’s coming?

It’s a great chance to build connections with international VCs, experts, entrepreneurs, and the tech ecosystem. Meet up with business owners and innovators who are looking forward to talk #technology. This party aims to bring together forward-thinking investors, founders and like-minded tech professionals from all over the world.

Join us for this adventurous evening of metrics and merriment.

Scenes from 2022

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Meet the hosts

Viceversa is a leading European fintech company that aims to become the financial and operational partner for the next generation of digital businesses. We built a powerful growth platform that boosts businesses at the pace they want with equity-free investments and data-driven insights, to help them make better decisions.

Ventive is an investment and consultancy company for pre-seed and seed startups. Their vision is to bring innovation to the Italian ecosystem allowing startups to join a complete ecosystem about skills, know-how, venture capital, strategic decisions, and corporate finance advisory.