Who’s coming?

Founders and execs like you from innovative digital businesses in e-commerce, SaaS, and subscription-based services.

Join the Viceversa team and digital execs from across the region to network, learn, and soak up a summer evening over cocktails and bites.

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Who’s speaking?

A high-powered panel of women brought to you by GRLS, the networking platform for female founders. Learn how to scale your online business in 2023: create, manage, and grow a winning business and high-converting strategy.

Alessia Camera

Head of International Growth

chiara marconi
Chiara Marconi

CEO & Co-founder

chiara marconi
monica regazzi
Monica Regazzi


monica regazzi
sabrina manzoni
Sabrina Manzoni

Growth Marketing Manager

sabrina manzoni
eleonora rovatti
Eleonora Rovatti


eleonora rovatti

Who’s hosting?

Viceversa is the financial and operational partner for the next generation of digital businesses who want to grow at their own pace with equity-free investments and data-driven insights.

We’ll be here to answer all your revenue-based financing questions.

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What’s the lineup?

What’s the mood?

Casual, conversational, informative, and fun.

Registration is free, but space is limited

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